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Thunder vs Mavericks: OKC Perseveres in 4th Again (Game 2 Video Highlights)

The Thunder defeated the Mavericks last night in a game that epitomized the notion that the NBA playoffs are all about adjustments. The Thunder opened up the game looking much more fluid on offense, finally finding openings in the Mavs defense that allowed them to shoot a high percentage. When the lead ballooned to 16 it appeared that the Thunder had control, but things reversed in a flash as the Mavericks countered with a big run at the end of the 2nd quarter that gave them a brief lead. From then on out neither team took much of a sizable lead and it was clear that the game would once again be decided in the final moments.

In Game 1, the victory was decided by a Kevin Durant shot that bounced in. In Game 2, the victory was decided by a Dirk Nowitzki shot that bounced out. It is the smallest of differences, but the net result is that the Thunder took Game 2, have won four in a row and five of the last six against Dallas, and head down the Interstate looking to take command of this opening round playoff series.