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The Oklahoma City Thunder are the 2011-2012 Northwest Division Champions!!!!

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Even though the Thunder have lost three straight, buy virtue of the Denver Nuggets losing to the Golden State Warriors last night and there being only a few games remaining in the season, the Thunder have locked down the Division Championship!


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What does this mean? Well, no matter what happens, the Thunder can't fall below the fourth seed, and are thus guaranteed home court advantage in the first round of the playoffs. It also means the Thunder have been Northwest Division champions two seasons in a row, if that means anything.

Focusing on the future, in order for the Thunder to re-obtain the first seed, the Spurs will have to lose a game, since they have the head-to-head matchup advantage. With 11 games remaining on the year, it's anyone's guess as to who will end up on top, but it's unlikely that the Thunder will fall behind the Lakers or Clippers and into the third or fourth seed, as they are 6 and 6.5 games back, respectively.