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OKC Loud Links: Game Ones In the Book

The 2012 Playoffs got off to quite the start this weekend. While we were treated to some great games such as the Thunder's last-second win and the Clippers' ridiculous road win, we also were dealt with the sad reality of watching Derrick Rose, Iman Shumpert, and Caron Butler go down for the remainder. Hopefully we're in for plenty more drama, but I fear that we're going to see more players fall to injury as the intensity rises.

Practice Report: OKC Hopes to Make Things Easier | Daily Thunder

Renner notes that the Thunder committed a lot of turnovers out high on the perimeter (many by Jason Kidd) and Dallas converted 14 turnovers into 24 points. Dallas is not a fast breaking team, so it is incumbent on the Thunder to not provide them with easy opportunities to score in transition.

Game One Post Game Quotes | Mavs Moneyball

We return to one of my favorite post-game write-ups on the web. It is humorous and expansive but actually does a great job at explaining what went down in the games.

Perkins' Defense Holds Dirk in Check | Thunderous Intentions

One of the big questions heading into this series was, "who guards Dirk Nowitzki in the 4th?" Serge Ibaka has had his troubles, Durant is still learning the post defense game, and Nick Collison is able but limited. Perhaps we should have considered Kendrick Perkins, the anchor of the defense. If he can stay in front of Jason Terry, why not Dirk?

Game 1 Video Playbook | Hickory High

Kahn does his standard great analysis in figuring out what happened in Game 1. One of the things he highlights that has gotten lost in Durant's game winner is how patient Russell Westbrook was in attacking the Dallas defense. As we have noted, Westbrook's willingness to allow an offensive sequence to unfold is going to be his biggest attribute against a slower defense.

Durant: Just Relax, Play Ball | NY Times

Kevin Durant loves OKC, but skeptics will never be satisfied.

Clippers Come From 27 Down to Stun Grizzlies | Clips Nation

I can link to this with a smile because it did not happen to the Thunder. Amazing come-back, and notice served that Chris Paul's gang is going to be a tough out.

The Dangers of Towel Waving | SB Nation

This fan's aborted towel wave pretty much sums up the Grizzlies' game one meltdown.

Game Two Adjustments | HoopSpeak

The Mavs are not nearly as dynamic offensively as they were a year ago (losses of players like DeShawn Stevenson and J.J. Barea hurt) and so the Thunder should have a much easier time limiting one of their two offensive cogs. My suggestion is, slow down Terry early and Dirk late. Also noted is the fact that Derek Fisher probably should not be seeing the court much, because he hurt the Thunder offensively and defensively.

Person of Interest: Andrew Bynum | Grantland

Kang gives Andrew Bynum the treatment. So far, the biggest weakness I've seen in his game is that when his strength is met with equal strength (Kendrick Perkins), the kid backs down.

Did LeBron Flop? | Deadspin

Deadspin gives LeBron James' tumble to the court the slo-mo treatment. Was it a flop? Was it simply a viscous screen? Either way, watching LeBron willfully or involuntarily lose control of his appendages is a sight to behold.

Van Gundy Wonders Why the Pacers Post Up So Much | 8 Points, 9 Seconds

What a cringe-worthy quest...hey, good effort, Tim!

Rondo Ejected | SB Nation

Rajon Rondo allowed his emotions to get the best of him during a failed comeback attempt, and ended up bumping a referee. It will be interesting to see how the league handles this poor judgment.

Fancy Meeting You Here, Mr. Cuban | NewsOK

Carlson gives a sweet little account of how a hot dog vendor in Bricktown connected with Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. The follow-up actually does not surprise me at all, because regardless of what you think about Cuban the owner, Cuban the business entrepreneur has very high regard for those people who take their business into their own hands and achieve. Also, #WeinerUp is a great hashtag.