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Thunder vs Grizzlies: OKC Win Streak Halted at Six (Game 53 Video Highlights)

The Thunder lost to the Grizzlies last night to end a remarkable six game winning streak that included big victories over the Heat, Lakers and Bulls. How fitting then that their first loss in two weeks would come at the hands of the Grizzlies, who at this point know the Thunder better than almost anybody. The two teams have played each other 15 times over the past two seasons, and the cumulative record now stands at 8-7 in the Thunder's favor, with most games coming down to only a couple possessions.

The Grizzlies have figured out a way to slow down the Thunder's high-octane offense, and last night was no different. Memphis dominated the offensive glass, caused turnovers, and protected the ball well, and as a result OKC had only two fast break points for the game. Without those easy points, OKC had to grind out possessions, something that other teams do not make them do in the same way. Playing Memphis is a radical departure from any other team the Thunder play, and last night proved once again that if they could not re-calibrate themselves, the Grizzlies can still earn a win on the Thunder's home court.