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Thunder vs Nuggets: It Ends With a Whimper (Game 66 Video Highlights)

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The Thunder wrapped up their regular season in meek fashion last night in losing their final game of the year to the Nuggets. The Nuggets had quite a bit to play for in the game, since by winning against OKC and then tonight against the Timberwolves they would cement their position as the 6th seed in the playoffs. Denver came out and showed great offensive consistency, as they saw seven different players reach double figures on the night. By contrast, OKC showed about the same level of defensive intensity as they did against the Kings for most of the game and frequently gave up offensive rebounds and open shots at the rim.

The Thunder did try to make a game of it late, finally showing some defensive effort in the 3rd quarter and surging to a late lead. However, late game struggles surfaced again as the Thunder only managed to score 19 points in the 4th against one of the weakest defenses in the league. It was not the best way to close what has been a choppy second half of the season and it would have been sweet to send the home crowd home with win number 48. Instead, the Thunder now must wait to see if it is indeed the Mavericks, they who sent the Thunder home last season, will be their first round opponent.