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James Harden Cleared to Play

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James Harden has been cleared to return to the court, according to an ESPN report.

James Harden Cleared to Return | ESPN

According to the story, Harden has passed all of the NBA-mandated tests he was required to take in order to exhibit a proper return to his "symptom free neurological baseline." Having apparently met this baseline, Harden can now return to the court.

Said coach Scott Brooks:

"We decided as a group to hold him out one more game and give him 24 more hours...He should be fine in our recovery practice tomorrow as a team and our practice Friday."

Harden will presumably get back on the court and start getting ready for the first round of the playoffs, which will likely be against either the Denver Nuggets or the Dallas Mavericks.

His teammates have missed his presence in the locker room, and I'm sure they all eagerly anticipate his return.

"James is a strong person, he's a positive person and he doesn't let anything like that bring him down...And he didn't bring that into the locker room. ... From seeing him yesterday, you would think it never happened." - Kevin Durant