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Thunder vs Kings: Bench Mob Wins the Day (Game 65 Video Highlights)

The Thunder defeated the Kings last night in a game where it appeared that the Thunder starters were going to be content just playing out the string. OKC gave up a staggering 40 points in the opening quarter to Sacramento, and defense was nowhere to be found. Since OKC really has nothing to play for at this point, we figured we'd get a token effort by the Thunder offense to keep things competitive and lively and then just hope nobody else got hurt.

All was going according to this plan and as a result, the Kings had a good sized lead heading down the stretch. In came the OKC bench to wrap things up, and that's when things got interesting. Fueled by Daequan Cook who gave his best Kevin Durant impersonation, the Thunder outscored the Kings 36-24 in the final quarter of play. What was most impressive was that the Thunder subs were doing it against the Kings starters and still managed to play harder, smarter, and win the game in the end. It's the most enjoyable 4th quarter we've seen in quite a while.