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OKC Loud Links: King Me Again

Two games remain and these two games have little meaning in terms of how the playoffs will go. Or do they? The Thunder still have some remaining offensive issues and without James Harden, they may still struggle late in games, even if they don't matter. We do know however that the Thunder finish their season against the Nuggets, and there is a strong possibility that they will encounter Denver yet again in the first round. Give no foothold.

Harden's Concussion a Scary Brain Injury | NewsOK

James Harden's return is up in the air, and it is important to assign the correct understanding of what happened to him. Carlson writes that 'brain injury' underscores the gravity of the situation.

Thunder Officially the Two Seed | Daily Thunder

Young notes that the Thunder are locked in as the two seed, but potentially control their destiny in who they face.

The Impact of an Elbow | ESPN

The 5 on 5 group debates the situation and makes some good arguments as to how the league should handle Artest. I particularly like Arnovitz's take - if the league wants to deter this kind of dangerous action, then deter it.

Metta World Peace Fell Off the Wagon | Silver Screen and Roll

Metta World Peace's devastating elbow to James Harden's head was an obvious act. The act itself is easy to judge. What is not so easy is how we consider this man, Ron Artest. I am on board with Clark's take here.

Why Did We Ever Think Ron Artest Was Interesting? | Deadspin

Which is not to say the take above is the obviously correct one. Magary offers an alternative view looked at through the lens of Gilbert Arenas. I think this argument has merit as well.

MVP Choice is Clear | Sports Illustrated

Of course, it always was clear, but we were all kind of biding our time waiting to see if an interesting story line would develop that might muscle the trophy away from LeBron James.

Awards Ballots | Basketball Prospectus

Pelton offers up his choices for various year-end awards. James Harden makes an appearance.

Tony Allen With the Steal, Statue of Liberty Play | Ball Don't Lie

Hey, why not?

The Weekly McGee | Ball Don't Lie

In which JaVale McGee longs to be introduced to GOB.