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Thunder vs Lakers: Ouch (Game 64 Video Highlights)

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There was The Elbow. And then there was the Fourth.

The elbow, as everyone could see, sent James Harden to the locker room and likely sent Metta World Peace to Commissioner Stern's office. At the time, it seemed like this play would rally the Thunder, and they subsequently entered their most dominant stretch of the afternoon. Heading into the 4th quarter, the Thunder carried a 16 point lead. Despite their offense still struggling, it was clear that their game plan on how to deal with the Lakers was working once again.

And then the 4th quarter happened. Just like last week against the Clippers, the Thunder offense fell apart when it mattered most. At just over 7 minutes to play, the Thunder were outscored by the Lakers 18-3 and lost what seemed an insurmountable lead. While there were still plenty of opportunities to win this game in each of the OT's, the game was lost in the 4th. Again.