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OKC Loud Links: Final Tune-Up

The Thunder travel to Sacramento tonight to take on the Kings, a franchise who has had a roller-coaster of a season that is more dramatic than most. I cannot even begin to do justice to the unfolding drama involving the Kings and their desire to remain in Sacramento, so if you would like to get caught up on those mechanizations, please head over to the great site Sactown Royalty and join their passionate community.

Perkins Knows What it Takes | NewsOK

Kendrick Perkins won a ring with the Celtics, and now he is preaching patience with the young Thunder. For a team that is tipping over with talent and confidence, there may be a few hard lessons left to remind them that the process takes time.

Let's Not Get All Defensive Now | Now That's Thunder Basketball

This post is a great look at the value of defensive focus that a team must have in the playoffs. The Thunder have proven that they can play top-flight defense, but don't always seem to have the focus and commitment to sustain it.

Players Union Executive Committee Asks Fisher to Resign | Sports Illustrated

We posted about this earlier, but Amick provides a bit more color as to how some of the players in the executive committee apparently flip-flopped on Derek Fisher.

NBA Award Races | Wages of Wins

James Harden, curve-breaker.

Spurs Have a Song in Their Hearts | Hardwood Paroxysm

This analysis of how the NBA's best teams know how to manipulate a tune is pretty spot-on. When we think of team adjustments, it tends to be in large, sweeping changes. To the contrary, it is often the subtle changes that make the biggest differences.

Dwyane Wade Plays Pick-Up in a Shirt and Tie | Sports Grid

Dwyane Wade surprised some kids in SoHo. The kids' slow reaction to Wade is priceless.

The Miami Heat Stink | The Basketball Jones

That one goes four-deep.

Dwight Howard to Miss the Rest of the Season | Ball Don't Lie

Ewing Theory potential?

Paul Allen is Insanely Rich, Insane | SB Nation

Paul Allen really knows how to chum up the waters.