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A Thunder Employee Got Fired For Making This Video....And It's a Shame

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I've seen some pretty offensive videos during my time. Living in the internet age and having access to Encyclopedia Dramatica, 4Chan, and Stephon Marbury's UStream pretty much guarantee that. But this about as far away from offensive as you can possibly get. I would feel comfortable playing it in front of my 7 year old cousin.

Yet, someone got fired over the making of this video. Literally. "Lunchmeat", the man in the mask for a large portion of the below video, was fired before he could take the floor as a stormchaser tonight. And after he was fired, Thunder management had the audacity to ask him to take the video down.

Okay, before I say any more, here's the video. I'll let you judge for yourself. Is this offensive?

Via ZaneLaRue on YouTube and

Yeah, that's what I thought. 90% of what's aired on Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon is more offensive than this video. If you were seriously offput by what you saw, then your TV probably hasn't deviated from PBS in the last 40 years, and you are probably accessing this site from a pager.

Look, I understand that he knew what he was getting into by making this video, and that it was probably written in his contract somewhere that he shouldn't be posting his opinion about anything Thunder-related online....or something equally Draconian. But the Thunder have seriously gone too far with this one. They patrol the net like hawks, protecting their brand image like Stalin's secret police. That's fine, I don't care. But when people start getting put out of jobs just because something doesn't particularly fit in with the Thunder's "image"....that's just crossing the line.

By the way, this video is awesome. Best white boy rap I've heard since Vanilla Ice.