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OKC Loud Links: Always Sunny?

The Thunder have a rather large game tonight as they head to Phoenix to try and get the bitter taste of Monday's loss out of their mouths. They now trail the Spurs in the standings and a #1 seed is slipping away, and tonight's game is no gimme. The Suns are in a battle for a playoff seed, so they will be playing with an air of desperation in front of their home crowd. Beware the slow start.

3-On-3: Panic? | Daily Thunder

Panic? The only time to panic is when you lose the first two games of a playoff series at home.

Old vs Young | GQ

Shoals takes a look at the old guard (Lakers, Celtics) vs the new guard (Thunder, Bulls). And then we all forget that the Spurs are both.

Durant Blows Off Some Steam At a Casino | The Score

We'd be negligent not to report this story, but can we at least get out in front of it and say it is much ado about nothing? NBA players have a lot of free time and disposable income and this just isn't a big deal.

The Two Man Game | HoopSpeak

Mason takes a look at Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Terry specifically, but Kevin Durant and his teammates are also in the discussion. What Dirk and Terry have learned and display regularly is that even the most simple plays (like a basic handoff) can cause all sorts of problems for the defense when both players are fully aware of all the options they have at their disposal.

Spurs Big Weakness in Post | Sports Illustrated

Every team this season has a weakness. For all of the Spurs' accolades I have tossed their way, it is important to remember that they're still soft on defense, particularly in the interior.

Rookie Rankings XIV | Grantland

Chandler Parsons climbs the charts. Fortunately for Kevin Durant, he is currently on the outside of the playoffs looking in.

The Rose Revolution | GQ

Derrick Rose is the Eastern Conference's version of Kevin Durant. What I like about him most is that he is unafraid to want to be truly memorable, and then follows through on the pursuit.

Steve Nash: Hard to Understand His Brilliance | SB Nation

We'll get a heavy dose of Steve Nash tonight, and one of the things that I hope Russell Westbrook continues to learn is that great guard play often happens when you are moving at less than top speed.

Jeremy Lin: Person of Influence | Time

Jeremy Lin played in 35 games this year and is currently out with an injury. Never the less, he takes his rightful place next to President Obama, Benjamin Netanyahu, and Matt Lauer. Oh snap. I was going to say something snarky, but if Matt Lauer is on the list, then Lin should be in the top 10.