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Vote For Former Thunder Draft Pick and Tulsa 66er Latavious Williams as ACB League MVP


Latavious Williams is notably for being the guy who went to the D-League straight out of High School, foregoing the year of college most players go through. He played for the Tulsa 66ers and his rights were acquired by the Thunder in a late round draft pick. He was never called up, and signed in Spain during the lockout.

In Spain, his stats have been pretty good. He's averaging 9 Points, 7 Rebounds, 1 Steal, and 1 Block per game. On the surface, that doesn't look like much, but he's leading the league in slam dunks per game (yes, they actually count that stat), and 5th in rebounds per game. He's also top 10 in steals per game and top 15 in blocks per game. This pretty much justifies his inclusion in MVP voting, especially considering that Spanish games are 8 minutes shorter.

Anyway, you should take a second of your time and vote him in as the ACB MVP. Show former Thunder players some love!

(Hat tip to memp_ville on Twitter.)