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Thunder vs Clippers: 4th Quarter Again Dooms Thunder (Game 61 Video Highlights)

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Well then. The Thunder looked solid in the first half. They were not great by any stretch, they were not shooting the lights out, and they were still missing some gimme's, but on the whole, it felt like a half of playoff basketball. The offense was grinding it out, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook were controlling the tempo, and the Thunder defense was doing a great job keeping the Clippers offense from flowing.

Yet for some reason, once the second half began, the Clippers controlled the game the rest of the way. This begs the question - what exactly is going on in the locker room during halftime for these Clippers? Does Vinny Del Negro morph into Doc Rivers? Does the team lock Vinny out of the locker room completely like in Varsity Blues?

One bad quarter is kind of customary for most teams. However, when the Thunder followed up a 14 point 3rd quarter with an 11 point 4th, red flags rise. Consider this - after Durant made a basket with 7:50 remaining in the game, the Thunder did not make another basket the rest of the way. This is vexing. I'm terribly vexed.

Watching the hope of the first half followed by the incongruity of the second made me feel like Ponda Baba.

Robot Chicken: Ponda Baba's Bad Day (via adultswim)