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Thunder vs Kings: Kingslayed (Game 59 Video Highlights)

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The Thunder tussled with the Kings for a quarter and a half, and we all got collectively a little worried because it was the same sort of start that we saw in the loss to the Clippers. The Thunder were the better team and they were playing like the better team, but they were still missing a number of opportunities early on. The team even started off by shooting three consecutive airballs. Would they be upset by the Kings again?

Fortunately this time out, the Thunder maintained a high level of defensive focus even when the offense wasn't producing. They prevented the Kings from getting anything at the rim. Thunder killer DeMarcus Cousins was completely neutralized by the strength of Kendrick Perkins and the length of Serge Ibaka. Were it not for Isaiah Thomas' 21 points, the Kings would have lost by even more. Overall, the defense ruled the day and set up the offense for the opportunity to put away the game.