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Russell Westbrook Radio Interview With Dan Patrick


Russell Westbrook appeared on Dan Patrick's radio show to talk a bit about the Thunder, the season so far, and how he thinks the playoffs will be shaping up.

You can find the show's recording at the following link, and Sports Radio Interviews did the transcription.

Russell Westbrook Interview | Dan Patrick Show

Is an open shot is harder for him to make than a contested one?

"I believe so. (Host: Why?) I don't know. Maybe because it is open and you can take your time more. When somebody is guarding you it's more rhythm."

Who he thinks is the NBA's MVP:

"I would have to go with Kevin. Kevin's been consistent all season, he's shooting at a very high percentage, and we're at the top of the West. Not too much more you can ask for."

Whether he thinks people are still intimidated by the Miami Heat:

"Nah. I don't think so. (Host: Were they ever?) I don't think people were intimidated; people probably just couldn't wait to play them. (Host: I would think with those Big Three and certainly LeBron and Wade playing would make some guys nervous.) I don't know. Maybe certain teams."

Who he thinks the best team in the East is:

"Um, the best team in the East? I don't know. I would have to say Chicago and Miami, they're close. When they're both healthy they're tough to reckon with. They have both been bruised up a little bit so it's tough to say."

Who he would rather see come out of the Eastern Conference:

"Honestly with me it doesn't matter. I think our team has a good position right now in the West to be able to play against anybody."

Whether the Thunder are the best team in the West:

"We're going to have to find out. I guess at the end of the year we will find out. (Host: You have to have an opinion about this!) I have a personal opinion about our team and I think we definitely rank ourselves with the top tier teams but like I said to find out who the best team is you have to see at the end of the year."

What he thinks about Dwyane Wade's comments about wanting to get paid to play in the Olympics:

"To play with the Olympic Team is definitely an honor. To be able to represent your country and things like that. I'm just happy to have my name on the list. (Host: You don't need to be compensated?) I'm just happy to be able to represent my country, represent my family and friends and have an opportunity to go win the gold medal."