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OKC Loud Links: Kingslayers Tonight?

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The Sacramento Kings Travel to OKC tonight to try and continue the Thunder's tumbling troubles. In the first game, the Thunder led a lead slip away late in the game and the Kings prevailed. Tonight, the Thunder must show better defensive focus to prevent the high-scoring Kings from doing the same.

Practice Notes | Daily Thunder

Young gets some great sound bites here from Scott Brooks and Kendrick Perkins. Perkins has a great comment on his teammates' practice habits.

Team Ibaka or Team Harden? | SB Nation

The debate is picked up again here, and Serge Ibaka gets another vote of confidence.

The Curious Case of Greg Oden and Zig Ziegler | BlazersEdge

Golliver does some stellar investigative journalism here, and the story surrounding Greg Oden and his numerous injuries become all the more nebulous.

SonicsGate: Requiem for a Team to Air April 27 | CNBC

If you've never seen this documentary, it is making its way to the small screen soon.

David West Knocks Out Moondog | The Basketball Jones

Don't mess with David West.

The Play and the Players | The Classical

The Broadway musical Magic/Bird is out. Indeed. I can only imagine who they are casting as Kurt Rambis.

The Life of a Shooting Specialist | NBA Playbook

Here is a closer look at Kyle Korver. While I still think Ray Allen still has a quicker economy of motion, Korver is not far behind.

The Lost Western Conference Preview | Negative Dunkalectics

Another subtle jab.

Bulls Take Down Heat Again | Ball Don't Lie

The Bulls have now defeated the Heat two times in a row, each time without Derrick Rose either actually or functionally. They're finding their offense elsewhere.

Mitigating Tanking Through the D-League | Hardwood Paroxysm

There are all sorts of ways to end the tanking that goes on. The question is, does the NBA care?

Dwyane Wade - Please Don't Pay Me | Ball Don't Lie

Dwyane Wade needs to get his story in order. His original statement about pro players deserving a paycheck at the Olympics is fine, but at least own up to the statement.

Kevin Durant and Privaledge | Youtube

Check out Kevin Durant's appearance in his friend Privaledge's new video below.