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New Fan-Made Thunder Music Video: Reppin' That Blue and Orange

If your team is the talk of the town, lots of different things happen. But one of the most hilarious things is when locals start making remixes about the team. When I followed the Warriors, it meant some really awesome West Coast Rap like this and this. When it comes to the Thunder, for better or for worse, it means white boys trying to rap to remixes of popular hits. First we had Lunchmeat and Zane in a Wu-Tang Clan Remix that Lunchmeat actually got fired for. Now, it's The Lost Boys featuring Michael Garner, throwing down a remix of Euro Dance sensation Eiffel 65's "I'm Blue".

(Via and GetItHowYouLiveMikeG on YouTube)

For me, the video is just a bit too autotuned. But you can tell that the dude put a lot of work and heart into it, and I respect that. It's all positive and repping OKC. They've got a good flow in how they speak, and aesthetically it's as well produced as any mainstream song today. The only real non-musical problem I have with it is that the lyrics are without substance, mostly talking about how they rep their city and how fans get loud. There's no real content there, just random vague modern slang. Still, I might say the same about 80% of modern music, so perhaps I'm being a bit too harsh in my criticism.

The best part of the video is 2:42, when a woman walks by and is staring at these guys wondering what the heck they're doing. Or at 0:58, when some random dudes join in the background while standing on a wall.

(Hat tip to the OKCThunderFans Forums.)