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OKC Loud Links: Thunder Limping to Finish Line

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Everything changes in the playoffs. We know this. The Mavericks know this. And yet, it is profoundly painful to watch a top 3 team continue to struggle in the 4th quarters of games. The issues have been fixable all season long, but as we enter the final weeks of play, if they aren't fixed now, they're not going to be fixed in May and (hopefully) June.

Post Game Nuggets | NewsOK

Mayberry minces no words for Durant's final shot attempt. I agree; with 8 seconds remaining, that is plenty of time for a complete offensive set. If you recall, Durant was faced with a similar situation at the end of the OT game against Denver, and he drove the ball to the rim to tie the game.

Thunder Give One Away At Home | Daily Thunder

You could write the exact same headline for OKC's games against the Cavaliers, Rockets, and Grizzlies. I like Young's sentiment about final plays. Yes, Kevin Durant should be the guy taking the shot, but the team really needs to take advantage of Russell Westbrook and James Harden as well.

The Rebirth of the Celtics | Grantland

The Celtics on the other hand are trending upward instead of downward. We saw them earlier this season when OKC made them look as old as we all thought they were. Now though they're getting things in order and they've beaten the heat twice in a row. Could they be this year's Dallas? If they figure out how to generate 4th quarter offense, it is quite possible.

Rondo & the Demise of the Distributor | NBA Playbook

I think the distributor's demise is extremely exaggerated. Yes, Steve Nash and Jason Kidd are nearing the end, but there are a number of great point guards that are coming up in the ranks.

Spurs are Moneyballing the NBA | Wages of Wins

Soon to be made into a movie, with Donald Sutherland starring as Greg Poppovich and Cee Lo Green as Tim Duncan.

Tyson Chandler Is Better Than You Think | Hardwood Paroxysm

Tyson Chandler is likely more important to the Knicks hopes than anybody else, be it Carmelo Anthony, Amare Stoudemire, or Jeremy Lin.

Do We Have Our Eight in the East? | SB Nation

Ziller takes a look at the eastern bracket and how it is shaping up. Boston does look like the dark horse there, two games away from the #3 seed.

Future Olympians: "Pay Us" | Ball Don't Lie

It is a natural progression, is it not? There is an easy solution. Don't pay them, and find other athletes, college athletes if need be.