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Thunder vs Clippers: OKC Fails in Fourth Again (Game 58 Video Highlights)

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The Thunder dropped another frustrating game at home last night, falling to the Clippers by a single bucket. By the look and sound of the Thunder players after the game, I get the sense that they felt the same way we who watched the game did. It was a game decided on a few final plays that should never have been decided on a few final plays.

The Thunder came in with a great blueprint from last game on how to both attack the Clippers and also how to bottle up their leader, Chris Paul. For a half, it worked. The Thunder held the Clips to only 48 first half points and then led for most of the second. However, numerous opportunities to put the game away came and went. It seemed like every time the Thunder had an opportunity to slam the door shut, a bad play resulted and Paul responded at the other end. Even with the Thunder tying the game late, they put themselves in a position to lose on a last second shot. Chris Paul obliged.