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OKC Loud Links: Clippers Sail In Tonight

The Thunder are back in action tonight against the Clippers. There are a few truly meaningful games left to be played this season, and tonight is one of them. The Thunder cling to the narrowest of leads for the #1 seed, while the Clippers are trying to jockey for better playoff seeding by jumping the Lakers.

Alpha Issues | Daily Thunder

What would have happened if Russell Westbrook had been drafted a year before Kevin Durant?

Durant Does Milwaukee Dirty (Twice) | Shaky Ankles

We sometimes forget that Kevin Durant is 6'10" when he pulls off moves like this. He still needs to be careful when he tries to drive the ball into traffic, but one-on-one, he's getting the mechanics down quite nicely.

Tour the Thunder's New Practice Facility | NewsOK

My home garage is basically the same, except I have more rims set up.

The Value of Clutch | Hickory High

In which the intelligent Mr. Levy shows us that Pythagoras was a actually a fan of late game ISO plays.

The Elusive Hockey Assist | Sports Illustrated

Lowe tries to figure out the NBA's version of the 'hockey assist,' or the pass that leads to the pass that leads to the basket. Under this scenario, Russell Westbrook's passing makes a little more sense.

Billionaire Owners Set for a Throw-Down | Ball Don't Lie

Mark Cuban and Mikhail Prokhorov get ready to nuckle up over Deron Williams.

Skip Bayless Was Not Exactly a Prestigious Baller in High School | The Lost Ogle

We mentioned yesterday that Skip Bayless got caught with his pants down when he went after Russell Westbrook again. Jalen Rose did the calling out, but it was these guys at The Lost Ogle that initiated the research. Well done.

Skip Tries to Explain Things | NewsOK

If I were a clever and savvy social media analyst, I might compare Skip's tweeting dickishness with someone like Anthony Weiner's literal similarity and keep the ball rolling. But I'm not, so now I just kind of want Skip to stop talking for a while.

Spurs in Space | HoopSpeak

Big props to Beckley Mason for a Muppets Show reference here. The Spurs offense is so efficient this season because they know exactly what they want to do in the half-court set.

JaVale Being JaVale | Sports Illustrated

For the Weekly McGee, we actually have a very good profile of the young wunderkind. I think this profile is one of the reasons why we're cautious about being too hard on McGee. You can see that there is something there that is worth cultivating, even if he's many degrees removed from joining his physical skills to his basketball IQ.

Bucks' Larry Sanders Gets T For Getting Facepalmed | Ball Don't Lie

I'm sure there is a subliminal message in here somewhere. The pic is after the jump.


The Sefoloshas of the world rejoice at that one.