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Thunder vs Bucks: OKC Defense Dominates (Game 57 Video Highlights)

The Thunder dominated a lesser team for a second straight game, this time humiliating the Bucks in Milwaukee in a 20 point win. This game was far more impressive for OKC than the previous win against the Raptors because the Bucks are a playoff-contending team and have a high scoring offense that can win games. OKC responded to this challenge by ratcheting up their defense, holding the Bucks nine points below their team season average.

OKC saw that they had a clear offensive advantage with Russell Westbrook going against the smaller Brandon Jennings, and Westbrok responded with 26 points in only 3 quarters of play. The Thunder backcourt completely dominated the high schoring duo of Jennings and newcomer Monta Ellis, and with the Bucks unable to counter with either a large or small lineup, they were pushed out of the game completely midway through the second half.