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Thunder vs Suns: Game #39 Video Highlights

The Thunder overcame a 16 point second-half deficit last night to defeat the Suns 115-104. This win reminds me an awful lot of the way that the Miami Heat in that they can be a step slow for most of the night, but once they get their feet under them, the supercharged machine goes into overdrive and they can wipe any team off the court.

It would be more enjoyable in a sense if the Thunder did not have to find themselves in a hole in order to put the clamps down, tie their shoe laces, and play top tier ball, but from a pure basketball standpoint, it is pretty breathtaking to watch. Under the leadership of Steve Nash, the Suns are still capable of some pretty phenomenal offensive basketball. The Thunder had no answer for his weaves around various screen sets, finding the open men with ease. It is to the Thunder's credit that they finally figured out how to defend Nash and in the end the Suns had no answer for the Thunder's surge.