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NBA Rankings, Week 10: I Have the Power!

In the Thunder's first week back out of the All-Star break, they won two games they could have lost, lost to a team that they should have beaten, and beat a team that always beats them. Even so, 30-8 isn't too bad.

From Around the League:

SB Nation 2 (3) Turnovers still a long-standing issue for OKC.
ESPN - Hollinger 3 (3) Still 3rd, but OKC has played a more difficult schedule than both the Heat and Bulls.
ESPN - Stein 3 (2) Kevin Durant finally had a breakout game against the Magic. - Schuhmann 2 (2) Thunder need to finish at the rim better in order to compensate for turnovers. - Aldridge 2 (3) Turnovers sank the Thunder against the Hawks.
Sports Illustrated 2 (2) James Harden made all the right plays in the win against the Mavericks.
ProBasketballTalk 2 (2) Late game defense is making up for some still rudimentary end-game play calling.
HoopSpeak n/a (1) n/a
Hoopsworld 2 (2) Hawks halted seven game winning streak.
Behind the Basket 2 (3) Hawks loss shouldn't be held too costly against Thunder.
FoxSports 2 (3) Durant/Westbrook in one conference, LeBron/Wade in the other.
Covers 3 (3) Thunder injuries have not slowed them down too much.
CBS Sports 2 (3) Defense is carrying the team for stretches.
Bleacher Report 2 (2) Durant has raised all aspects of his game this season.
Black Sports Online 2 (2) Thunder host another run of winnable games.
SheridanHoops 3 (2) Next 10 of 12 are games at home. Thunder can use this stretch to put the West out of reach.

Rankings updated when available. If you know of any rankings that we have missed, please let us know!

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