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OKC Afternoon Loud Links: Dirk Down, Next Is His Little Buddy Nash

Apropos of nothing, a one hour crime drama set in the smokey back alleys of Nawlins starring Dirk Nowitzki and Steve Nash as misdemeanor detectives is something I absolutely would watch. I would also watch the Thunder beating both of their respective teams.

OKC Closes the Door on Dallas | Daily Thunder

Young makes a great point - it was Russell Westbrook who hit the huge 3-pointer in the end to bring the Thunder to within one, and it was Westbrook who hit both of his free throws to ice the game. Add in the offensive rebound he grabbed while sitting on his backside which led to Serge Ibaka's critical free throws, and it is pretty conclusive that the guy makes game-winning plays.

Post Game Quotes | Mavs Moneyball

The Jason Terry gif is freaking me out.

Thunder's Big Weapon | Sports Illustrated

Lowe actually wrote this before the Dallas win, but that makes it all the more prescient because once again the Thunder defense was a decisive factor in the Thunder's victory.

Durant & LeBron: Two Superstars, Different Planets |

Powell writes a great piece today on the chasm that separates Kevin Durant and LeBron James. His points are well thought out, but one thing he forgets to mention is that Durant does not carry around one of these.

Does Scoring Imbalance Hurt? | NewsOK

Tramel discusses what it means for the Thunder to have such a top-heavy scoring distribution. Here is what I would add - it doesn't really matter whether the majority of shots are clustered around a few players. What really matters is, when the opportunity calls for it, are the role players ready to shoot? In other words, if the Thunder for some odd reason need 10 points out of Nick Collison, can he deliver it?

Dirk Did Not Like Terry's Shot | SB Nation

I think Dirk Nowizki said something in German.

Thunder's Brooks Plays Waiting Game |

Scroll down a third of the way to find out what Aldridge has discovered about Scott Brooks' contract situation.

Obama: Jordan Is the Best | CBS Sports

Our Commander & Chief (and Chicago native) goes out on a limb. I think it would have been much more enjoyable if he made the argument for Popeye Jones, you know, out of auditory solidarity.

Person of Interest: Rasheed Wallace | Grantland

For all of our enjoyment, I would love to see a team that featured both 'Sheed and Metta World Peace. Can you imagine the quality of Christmas videos those two could produce for the Tru Warier record label?

Don't Ever Change, Tony Allen | Twitter