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OKC Afternoon Loud Links: Leave the Malaise, Mavericks Are in Town

The Thunder had what I would call a 'bad' loss on Saturday night. This loss followed what you could argue were probably two bad 'wins,' but bad wins are only bad in the sense that you have to remember them for a week. In two weeks' time you've forgotten how bad the Thunder played for 3 out of 4 quarters and the only thing notable is the fact that OKC is now up by four games over the #2 seed instead of three.

Thunder Losses Getting Harder to Take | NewsOK

Even though the Hawks loss was bitter, from an overarching perspective the aftermath that resulted is actually sweet:

"It reminds me of being back in college at UCLA...One loss feels like a big loss, especially with the way we play and the toughness we play with."- Russell Westbrook

The Amazing Rajon Rondo | CelticsBlog

Boston played NY last night, and the Celtics got a first hand glimpse of Linsanity. Jeremy Lin left with a first hand glimpse of the ridiculousness that is Rajon Rondo.

How To Solve Late Season Tanking | Sports Illustrated

It isn't only the lottery teams that tank, and here is Lowe's perspective on how the league might be able to fix it.

Stern May Retire In Two Years | CBS Sports

Young reports that David Stern's time as commissioner may be coming to a close a few years before the current CBA ends.

Sorry Bout Yo Nose | SB Nation

Dwyane Wade broke Kobe Bryant's nose. Kobe broke the Heat's spirit. I hate the Lakers and I like rooting against the Heat. This game was some small consolation to my soul.

Deron Williams Scores 57 On Bobcats | SB Nation

It sure feels like Deron Williams is auditioning for something these days.

Jeff Green an Inspiration to Celtics | CelticsBlog

Jeff Green's time with Boston has been a struggle, but his endurance through a shaky 1st season and then his recent health issues have been an encouragement to the men in green.

Spurs Set For Another Title Run? | BBall Breakdown

Coach Nick analyzes the Spurs' recent surge and examines whether they have the stuff to carry them the distance.

Old Man Duncan Slams Birdman | SB Nation

Tim Duncan pulled off a veteran move here. Well, maybe not a veteran move since I've never seen it before, but after his takedown of Chris Andersen, it probably will become one.

LeBron Has a Man Purse | Ball Don't Lie

I disagree with Dwyer, and I agree with this guy in the comment string:

"They told him to be clutch, and instead he brought one."

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