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OKC Afternoon Loud Links: Big Weekend

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There was a time, long ago, when Sunday afternoon NBA games were must-see events. This Sunday, the Thunder play the Bulls. Is it an ode to yesteryear, or a sign that such events may one day return to our viewing consciousness?

Lessons From Thunder's Win Over Lakers | Sports Illustrated

Maybe...just maybe...Russell Westbrook is becoming a better shooter.

Post-Game Nuggets | NewsOK

Kendrick Perkins: ready to challenge Westbrook/Durant/Harden for the team scoring title.

Thunder Get the Last Word | Daily Thunder

Young nails it - there was no point in time when the Thunder looked panicked against the Lakers, even when they went down early. They have every answer they need to deal with LA.

No Drama, Just Beat | Silver Screen and Roll

The Lakers must face reality now. With the Thunder and Spurs sitting atop the conference, they are likely too short on talent to break through this season.

The Bulls Will Beat You Up to Get Shots | TrueHoop

This Sunday's game is going to be fun because it is a drastic contrast in styles between OKC's high-octane offense and the Bulls' #1 defense.

Craig Sager is Still Craig Sager | SB Nation

If we are going retro in the NBA, Sager is already set for the jump.

Mis-Understanding Advanced Stats: What Not to Do | Hardwood Paroxysm

What happens when your stat spreadsheet leads to to the wrong answer?

How to Fix Goal Tending | Truehoop

In an era where you can fit an HD camera inside of a phone, it is inconceivable why the NBA can't come up with a legitimate plan to solve snap-judgment snafu's like the Thunder-Trail Blazers goal-tend.

Grant Hill Knee Injury May Derail Suns | Bright Side of the Sun

Grant Hill has experienced a late career renaissance of sorts with Phoenix. However, will a torn meniscus end both his and the Suns' post-season hopes?

Could Bill Self Coach the Thunder? | NewsOK

Tramel writes a silly column. There is a rule, and it is pretty iron-clad. The rule is this - college coaches do not make good pro coaches. Stop trying to make it work, GM's.