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Thunder vs Lakers: Westbrook Runs Wild, Defense Stifles LA (Game 51 Video Highlights)

Russell Westbrook continued his personal assault on opponents last night, scoring 36 points against the stout Lakers defense and carrying his team to a win. Westbrook has averaged almost 32 points per game in his last four outings, and if you remove his lackluster Heat showing where he was saddled by foul trouble, his point totals of 45, 32, and 36 gives him an average of almost 38 points per game on 56.7% shooting. Westbrook has found a short-term groove that is currently unmatched in the league.

As Westbrook carried the offense, the Thunder defense was the other big reason why they were able to turn a 12 point 1st quarter deficit around. OKC Limited the Lakers to 19 points in each of the 2nd and 3rd quarters and made the LA squad look incredibly slow of foot. In the pivotal first 18 minutes of the 2nd half, the Thunder buried the Lakers with a 47-23 run, turning a five point halftime deficit into a 19 point lead.

The Thunder have grabbed this little rivalry by the horns and now it is the Lakers wondering what they need to do to compete with the talent, youth, and speed of the new kids taking over the West.