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Thunder vs Trail Blazers: Westbrook Fuels OKC to Win (Game 50 Video Highlights)

The Thunder routed the Trail Blazers last night by dominating early and then relying on Russell Westbrook late. The Thunder opened up the game with perhaps their most complete first quarter of the season. If you want a snapshot of the OKC offense and defense operating at near maximum effectiveness, just rewatch this opening quarter. The Thunder controlled the flow of the game, found open shooters, took makable shots, and played strong defense to prevent the Blazers from staying in the game in any way aside from offensive rebounds.

The tip of the spear was Russell Westbrook throughout. Westbrook had huge advantages over both of the Blazers' point guards, and he took advantage of it again and again with an array of drives to the rim and pull-up jumpers in rhythm. If not Jordan-esque, it was certainly Kobe-esque.

"That's what great point guards do. He got hot. He's been working every single day and that mid-range is starting to be water every single time." - Kevin Durant on Westbrook