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Spurs Q&A Part III: Mid-Season Pick-Ups

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Both the Thunder and the Spurs made mid-season geriatric acquisitions last week. The Thunder, as we know, signed Derek Fisher to be the backup point guard. Meanwhile, the Spurs traded Richard Jefferson for Stephen Jackson and picked up Boris Diaw off of waivers. If you are not aware, this will be Jackson's second run with the Spurs squad. Previously, Jackson had been part of the Spurs' 2003 championship run, and after bouncing around the league for a while, "Captain Jack" is back in the silver and black.

To get a sense about how Spurs fans are feeling about reclaiming Jackson and picking up Diaw, as well as mid-season acquisitions in general, we turn to Pounding the Rock's representative DrumsInTheDeep to continue with our season's ongoing Q&A.

To see how I addressed his questions about the Thunder's performance and the acquisition of Derek Fisher, CLICK HERE.


Question: How do you feel about the mid-season pick-ups of Stephen Jackson and Boris Diaw?

DrumsInTheDeep: First- JACK IS BACK!

Okay, so while there are still a few holdouts on PtR questioning this trade, the majority of us are doing back-flips that we managed to dump an ineffective Richard Jefferson. He's a good guy, a good teammate, and he tried hard, but it wasn't working. Getting a team to take on his albatross of a contract was amazing enough, but I never dreamed we'd be bringing Captain Jack back into the fold.

The best years of Jack's career were in San Antonio; he loves Pop (the feeling is mutual), and he says he "still makes love to pressure." And since he returned, he's been everything RJ wasn't: aggressive on offense, tenacious on defense, and the most fired-up teammate you could ever ask for. Another coup for Pop & Co.

And if THAT wasn't enough, we picked up Boris Diaw to shore up our front line, and have made space for Australian PG Patty Mills once his visa issues are resolved.

We've officially gone all-in this season. So, to answer your question about how we felt about our office's moves, let me just say that we've now built the deepest, most dynamic Spurs team in years, and possibly ever (depending on who you ask.) AND we're winning games with a different number of players injured every night.

Great win against Miami last night--like I said before, if it can't be us this year, I'd be happy if it was you. Anything that embarrasses LeBron makes me giddy.


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