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Thunder vs Heat: Durant Dominates Heat (Game 49 Video Highlights)

The Thunder beat the Heat in one of their strongest efforts of the season. While there have been times when it has seemed like OKC has played down to its competition at times, Sunday night was reminder that when they are focused on the task at hand they may not have an equal this season. On the strength of a strong second quarter where once again the Thunder reserves outshone their counterparts, the Thunder went into the half up by double-digits. Most impressive, the Thunder put up 60 points on one of the league's best defenses, and they did it by sharing the ball and getting easy shots.

In the second half, the Thunder did well to weather the Heat surges that inevitably came and managed the game properly down the stretch. Even though the offense struggled late in the 4th, with the Thunder going the final 2:35 without a point, the defense stepped up and denied the Heat even a single point either during that stretch. The game was a tremendous step forward for the young team as they finally seem to be overcoming the doldrums of the past two weeks.