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Reggie Jackson Was Called Up From the Tulsa 66ers

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Via Yahoo! Sports and the AP:

Apparently, like Lazar Hayward earlier this season, Reggie Jackson was only meant to play for the Tulsa 66ers for one game. Less than 24 hours after he was sent down, he was called up in time to sit on the bench against the Heat. In that span of time, Jackson managed to play in one game for the 66ers, against the Iowa Energy. He got just under 41 minutes as the starting point guard, and put up near triple-double numbers, going for 22 Points, 7 Rebounds, and 8 Assists. He did go a disappointing 0-5 from three, though that's no worse than Derek Fisher has done over the past few games.

The Thunder's strange practice of sending players down to the D-League temporarily is pretty cool. It gives the younger guys who usually would only get less than 10 minutes on the floor a chance to get some burn. With the tighter schedule between games this year, I don't imagine that the Thunder get much time to put in practices. And with the Thunder being so competitive in the West, they can't give their young guys time to adjust on the court. So the D-League offers an easy way to keep the young guys active and improving.

In fact, the move is straight up genius. Why don't more guys go to the D-League?