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Thunder vs Timberwolves: OKC Takes Double-OT Thriller (Game 48 Video Highlights)

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Neither words nor video highlights can truly due this game justice. The Thunder outlasted the Timberwolves in an amazing double overtime contest that should serve as one of the high points for both teams' seasons. Despite losing, the Wolves featured Kevin Love getting a franchise high 51 points, and he was helped along by a number of teammates who had to step up due to team injuries. On the other side of the court, the Thunder once again saw Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook both go over the 40 point mark for the second time this season.

The game was largely a "defense optional" affair, but from time to time, that's ok when the contest features two teams that are firing on all offensive cylinders. OKC and Minnesota took turns hitting big shot after big shot all the way to the end. In the final minutes of play though, it was the Thunder's ability to have a little bit more energy left to get some big stops and finish on the fast break at the other end. Regardless of which side you were rooting for, there is little doubt this game left you shaking your head in awe.

Special props to the voice-over analysts who, after watching Durant's shimmy-shake, one-legged Dirk-dagger, just said, "Whaaaat?" "Just stop it."