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Thunder Before the Game: the Handshake Assembly Line

Royce Young at Daily Thunder put together a tremendous post this afternoon where he captures on video the insanely intricate Thunder pre-game handshake routine.

A Semi-Complete Guide to the Thunder's Pregame Routine | Daily Thunder

It is a pregame routine that an east coast guy like me had previously been unaware since I've never seen the team play in person and the TV footage rarely picks up the court this early before tip-off. I find this video completely mesmerizing, as if I were witnessing the mating ritual of the Emperor Penguin or Kevin Garnett putting on his game face. Be sure to head on over to DT to get Young's walk-through analysis, but I'm going to shamelessly embed his clip here.

Young also makes reference to his post on players' middle names, and we have also cataloged all of the players' nicknames here.