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Derek Fisher Joins Thunder, OKC Fans Welcome Him In

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Derek Fisher donned a Thunder jersey for the very first time last night, mere hours after he cleared waivers and signed a contract with the organization. Wearing #37 (his age), Fisher checked in with 1:42 remaining in the first quarter. Fisher has long been one of the Thunder's tormentors as a Laker-lifer, helping knock them out of the playoffs two seasons ago. How does a Thunder fanbase greet such a player? Like this:

Darnell Mayberry wondered about this unusual reception, writing:

I don’t know if the 30-second standing ovation Thunder heads gave Fish when he checked in for the first time with 1:47 left in the first quarter was classy or just clueless. I’d like to call it the former. But I’m torn. Most fan bases reserve standing Os for special players who’ve done special things. Fish is a backup point guard who hasn’t done jack for OKC. In fact, he’s helped knock the Thunder out of the playoffs. But as we know, Thunder fans aren’t most fan bases, and that shocking standing ovation was just the latest example of why.

Clearly, the Thunder fanbase knows how to separate the past from the present, recognizes the quality of person that Fisher is, they are happy that he is wearing the Thunder uniform, and wanted to let him know that he is now in the fold.

Below - Fisher's first bucket, and his pre-game presser.