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NBA Power Rankings, Week 12: I Have the Power!

The Thunder have continued to struggle over this past week, actually posting a losing record of 2-3 over their past five games. They were routed by the Spurs (not surprising), crushed the Nuggets and Trail Blazers, but then inexplicably faltered down the stretch against Houston and Utah. OKC is in the woods; it is time to find their way out.

From Around the League:

SB Nation 2 (3) OKC is good for at least one bad showing per week. OKC just needs to make sure they still win those games.
ESPN - Hollinger 4 (4) Thunder still consistently inconsistent.
ESPN - Stein 4 (3) The curse of Kate Upton...lives? - Schuhmann 3 (3) Will Sunday night's game against the Heat be a Finals preview. Not if both teams continue to struggle like they have as of late. - Aldridge 4 (2) Royal Ivey earning some valuable playing time as of late. Go Texas!
Sports Illustrated 2 (2) No dire need to upgrade over Reggie Jackson, but the addition of Derek Fisher could have some added benefit if the Thunder see the Lakers in the playoffs.
ProBasketballTalk 4 (3) They play like a young team. Self-evident, and yet so, so telling.
HoopSpeak n/a (1) n/a
Hoopsworld 2 (2) OKC slowing down, but still have a lead over the Spurs.
Behind the Basket 4 (2) The Spurs are the team the Thunder cannot seem to beat.
FoxSports 3 (3) OKC's previous dominance on their home court left them at the All-Star break.
Covers 3 (3) Still a top 3 team despite recent struggles.
CBS Sports 2 (2) Is the Thunder model replicable? Only in your tiger dreams.
Bleacher Report 3 (3) James Harden is the key, and he's going to need to play a bit better than he has as of late.
Black Sports Online 4 (3) East is top heavy, West has balance in the middle.
SheridanHoops 4 (3) Wanted: lock-down perimeter defender. Unfortunately this is not 2003.

Rankings updated when available. If you know of any rankings that we have missed, please let us know!

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