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OKC Morning Loud Links: Thunder Must Rebound Again

The Thunder lost another game to a decent but unspectacular team and looked kind of lazy doing it. No rest for the disinterested though, because the Clippers are in town tonight and last the two teams met, LA put OKC on notice that they were not the same old Clippers. Chris Paul has added some fight and organization to the team, and OKC needs to be better prepared mentally lest they lose at home once again.

Post Game Nuggets | NewsOK

Mayberry wonders if somebody got into Russell Westbrook's ear before yesterday's loss, because Westbrook was much more passive in his play than at other times this season.

Jazz Take One Out From Underneath Thunder | Daily Thunder

Kevin Durant went 0-7 in the 4th quarter and 6-22 for the game. Young encourages us not to lose the faith. What bothers me more than the missed shots though is that Durant seems to be losing his offensive aggressiveness as the games go on. We seem to be pretty far away from him slamming home the tying score against the Nuggets.

The Sixth Man Renaissance is Real | SB Nation

James Harden leads a pack of other very talented sixth men in the NBA. This ranking underscores the fact that there is now a plethora of talent in the NBA, and coaches are getting better at figuring out how to distribute that talent.

NBA Rookies: Part X | Grantland

Pruiti still has Kyrie Irving at the top, but Timberwolves rookie Derrick Williams is climing the ranks.

Superteam Generation Still Not Done | HoopSpeak

Rohan of At the Hive joins HS to offer a great examination as to why the notion of teams stacking superstars together is not completely undone by the new CBA.

Steve Nash: Still Awesome | Wages of Wins

Here is a breakdown as to why the Suns are suddenly relevant in the talented Western Conference.

Clyde Drexler and a Retroactive League Pass | Hardwood Hype

Clyde Drexler was one of several good/great players of the Jordan era, and he is going to remembered mostly for helping another superstar in Hakeem Olajuwon help win a championship while always coming up short himself. I'm sure Charles Barkley would have been fine with that.

How to Annoy A Fanbase in 60 Easy Steps | Grantland

Simmons takes on the infamous Chris Mullins night.

Why the Grizzlies Need Gilbert | Sports Illustrated

The Grizzlies signed Gilbert Arenas, so Lowe takes a look at how Agent Zero will blend into the grit-grind crowd.

Brad Miller is Retiring | The Basketball Jones

Brad Miller is set to retire, and Trey Kirby looks back fondly on Miller's career. He was actually pretty good.