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OKC Afternoon Loud Links: Two Down, One to Go

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The Thunder have won the first two games of this mini-road trip, one that will be over once they head to Atlanta tomorrow night. I know that sometimes we feel like the team should perform better under all circumstances, but if anything, these last two wins are a reminder (to me at least) that winning on the road is tough, and that is apart from the fact that the Thunder are seen as the best team in the West and every other team uses them as a measuring stick. If you don't believe me, take a look at some post game threads of teams the Thunder have defeated this season. Time and time again I see opposing fans say, "well, we lost, but we played OKC hard for three quarters. I think we're moving in the right direction."

Post Game Nuggets | NewsOK

Mayberry reminds us not to forget about Royal Ivey's contributions yet again. He was instrumental in the defensive play in the 4th, and Kevin Durant hit his good buddy with a pass for a crunch time 3-pointer late in the game.

OKC Wins Tough In Orlando | Daily Thunder

Young gives a great analysis here on what it means to score "easy" baskets versus "tough" baskets. Ask LeBron James how easy it is to score a basket in the Finals when you're facing elimination.

Thunder-Magic Recap | Orlando Pinstriped Post

A view from the opposition. Yes, they basically saw the same game we did on our end, and felt absolutely helpless as the game drew to a close.

Interview With Blazers President Larry Miller | BlazersEdge

Golliver got a great interview with Trail Blazers President Larry Miller, and you would do well to see Miller's thoughts on a variety of topics.

Basketball Never Stops | The Classical

Shoals writes a great piece on how the fundamental nature of the NBA is so different from other pro sports. Attribute meaning to it? Heck, I'll paraphrase "Almost Famous" here - we're celebrating something that is gloriously and self-righteously dumb.

The Dichotomy of Controlled Genius | Hardwood Paroxysm

Linking together the genius of LeBron James and Chris Paul.

Spurs Double-Staggered Ball Screen | NBA Playbook

The Spurs found a way to generate offense against the intense pressure from the Bulls defense. This offensive set reminds me quite a bit of the way the Mavericks figured out how to get their shooters open against the Heat in the Finals last season.

Thunder Assign Hayward to Tulsa 66ers | Our Sports Central

Lazar Hayward was moved to the Thunder's D-League team the Tulsa 66ers today. It is probably a good move for him, since he wasn't seeing any meaningful minutes, and the Thunder have proven with Cole Aldrich that if they work hard in Tulsa, they can return to OKC with a chance to contribute.

Clippers Struggle Offensively, but Prank Well | Ball Don't Lie

As I've repeated many times, NBA players have a lot of free time on their hands.

Clippers Management: No, We'd Rather Not Have a Famous Fan Promoting Our Team | Deadspin

The Clippers have sought to silence Clipper Darrell. I'm sure there is a great reason for that, not the least of which is to tick off their own players.

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