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OKC Morning Loud Links: Panic Subsiding

The Thunder had played a very poor stretch of basketball in front of their home crowd, and so last night's game against the Trail Blazers was a good test for OKC's ability to put behind their struggles and just focus on controlling the outcome. They jumped on Portland early, answered every Blazer run, and in the end finished almost exactly where they started at the end of the decisive 1st quarter.

Post-Game Nuggets | NewsOK

Mayberry likes how the Thunder were sharing the ball last night, finishing with 24 assists. Russell Westbrook had five of those himself, and to his credit none of them were offset by any turnovers. I really like how Westbrook has elevated his game each subsequent time he has faced Ray Felton.

Thunder Start Fast, Strong, Finish Off Blazers | Daily Thunder

Thabo Sefolosha is looking really good out there in limited minutes. What I like most is that his teammates are looking to get him the ball in positions to score.

Bad Habits Return as Blazers Lose to OKC | Blazers Edge

Portland succumbed to a number of poor habits that doomed their chances early. As a Thunder fan, I can sympathize with this feeling quite well.

An Educated View of the Trade Deadline |

Aldridge's mandatory Monday reading. There is no Thunder-specific stuff in here, but if you want to understand the NBA better, get into this column every week.

James Harden - You Been Babbitt'ed | SB Nation

James Harden is not a fan of Luke Babbitt's hairdo, methinks.

Gallinari Bends Reality | SB Nation

Danilo Gallinari throws an improbable behind the back pass to Kenneth Faried, leading his teammate perfectly to the rim for the lay-in. This one rivals Rajon Rondo's for pass of the year.

Playoff Hopefuls Moving Up, Down | Behind the Basket

Here is a good look at the Western Conference contenders' progress after the trading deadline, and where they might end up at the end of the season.

LeBron: Defensive Player of the Year? | HoopSpeak

Well, yeah. But have you seen LeBron James' hairline recently?

Zach Randolph Details Emerging | Ball Don't Lie

Zach Randolph has a bit of a history in the NBA, and details coming forth about an altercation at his home last summer do not look good for him.

DeShawn Stevenson Accidentally Scores from Half Court | Hardwood Paroxysm

Not bad for the 16th President.

Can Nick Young Fix Clippers' Defensive Problems? | Hickory High

Before you type 'lolwut,' it would serve you well to read through Kahn's analysis of exactly what is ailing the Clippers' defense. And then after you're done, you can remember that Nick Young once did this.

Michael Beasley is Still Michael Beasley | Ball Don't Lie

Comfort food, man. For a guy who got a close look at his own bone this season, I'm willing to let just about anything slide.

Your Weekly McGee | Twitter