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Spurs Q&A Part II: What Just Happened There?

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The Spurs dropped the Thunder on Friday night in resounding fashion. They looked quicker, smarter, played harder, played more consistent, and won all the key moments in the end. In watching the dominant first half followed by the clutch 4th quarter, I felt like I needed a hug.

Turning to Pounding the Rock's man once again, I asked DrumsInTheDeep to answer this question:

What is your takeaway from the Spurs' win over the Thunder? I confess this is one of those times when I feel like little brother Thunder need some words of encouragement from big brother Spurs.

(If you'd like to see how I responded to the same question, please check out my answer at Pounding the Rock HERE.)


Well, fellas... I can coat it in chocolate, but it's still a pill. And not even a miracle pill. Here's the brutal truth: the Spurs won a game, in OKC, without Manu Ginobili, Tiago Splitter, or Richard Jefferson/Stephen Jackson.

That's the bitter; here's the better:
The Thunder clawed their way back into the game with defense and timely shooting, almost pulling off the incredible comeback. It was a statement game either way, and just because we came out on top this time doesn't mean you won't deserve the #1 seed in May. Still a lot of basketball to play.

It's interesting that you brought up the Big Brother-Little Brother dynamic, because we've been on both sides. As you mentioned in your first column, we used to get manhandled by the Lakers, until we didn't. We also used to annually knock Phoenix out of the playoffs, until they finally stood up and decided that they'd had enough. But I can't say the Thunder are quite in that position--yet--because even though you're emulating our model, we just don't have the history. Perhaps, this summer, we'll see who fits where.

But if I was going to speak to you as your big brother, I'd say this: remember today, Little Brother. Remember this feeling. You're worried you'll never quite get there? Terrified of embarrassing yourself? Nut up. We respect shows of strength and courage. You've got the skills, but we're in your head. And that's never going to change until you get some maturity and experience.

Also, we're sorry we let you take the fall for that broken vase. We just weren't going to miss out on that trip to Sea World, no matter the cost.

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