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Lazar Hayward is Back in the D-League After Getting Minutes Last Night

Luckily, he gets to play without the Rip Hamilton mask this time.
Luckily, he gets to play without the Rip Hamilton mask this time.

Via Yahoo! Sports and the AP:

After going 0-3 last night against the Spurs, Lazar Hayward has been sent back to the D-League. I wouldn't say his play last night was horrible, though. One of his missed attempts was as the buzzer sounded from three quarters court, and the other two were corner threes that rattled in and out. Then again, in 8 minutes of play, he didn't register a single other stat, not even a foul.

A look at his gamelog tells a similar story, with his only semi-meaningful nights coming in blowouts against Charlotte and Golden State. You can also infer a little bit about his game from the recent article on SLC Dunk about "Black Hole" players. Lazar Hayward ranked high on that list, along with Daequan Cook.

Still, considering that Sefolosha is back and that we won't have to play against the pesky Spurs until playoff time, it might be better for him to spend some time in the league. He averaged 28 points there during his last stint, but hay, at least he also averaged one assist.

The move gives the Thunder an extra active roster spot, which will most likely be taken by Ryan Reid.