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Thunder vs Spurs: Thunder Fall Behind Early, Can't Catch Spurs (Game 44 Video Highlights)

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The Thunder fell to the Spurs last night, and given how each respective team played, I am hard pressed to conclude anything other than the Spurs are the better team right now, regardless of record. San Antonio jumped on the Thunder early in their home stadium. This marks the second home game in a row and third of the last four that OKC has dropped in front of their home crowd, and a big reason why is because they are coming out looking unprepared to deal with their opponent.

OKC made a second half charge that was commendable to watch, but when you fall behind by 27, the margin for error shrinks as the game goes on. Multiple times the Thunder found themselves within a single basket, but the Spurs made the clutch plays when they needed it and OKC could not get over the final hurdle for an incredible comeback. As a result, the Thunder now only lead the 2nd place Spurs by three games.