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OKC Afternoon Loud Links: Spurs Night

After a convincing win in Denver yesterday, the Thunder are back at home to try and avenge a crushing loss to the Spurs the last time they met. It is good that Thabo Sefolosha is finally healthy, because the Thunder are going to need better perimeter defense than they displayed last time out.

Also, the trading deadline passed. Apparently it was a bit crazy in some corners of the northwest.

Post-Game Nuggets | NewsOK

Mayberry notes that Denver fans are really not big fans of Russell Westbrook.

Thabo Returns, Thunder Take Care of Business | Daily Thunder

Playing Denver seems to be a wonderful antidote for Thunder doldrums. Also, Young notes that Reggie Jackson and Russell Westbrook got some minutes together, and perhaps not un-coincidentally the Thunder really controlled the Nuggets' guard play in the second half.

Harden Plays Old Man Basketball | NewsOK

Mayberry interviews former Spurs player Sean Elliott to get first hand perspective on how James Harden compares to Manu Ginobili. Elliott points out that one thing that you rarely see Harden do (and it is not because he can't) is beat somebody with pure athleticism. Harden knows there are better ways to do it.

Transaction Analysis Breakdown | Basketball Prospectus ere is a complete breakdown of every trade that was made before the deadline passed.

Taking vs Making Shots | Wages of Wins

Which element should players be rewarded for - taking shots, or making shots?

Lakers All Business With Trade Deadline Deals | Sports Illustrated

The Lakers traded away Derek Fisher and Luke Walton and acquired a legit point guard. Should OKC be worried?

Anatomy of a Dunk: Gerald Green | Hardwood Paroxysm

The Chase Buddinger 'Oh!' face. Beautiful.

The Nuggets Defy Psychology | Wages of Wins

Denver traded away a big man whom they just signed to a $65 million extension. As a result, they got younger and more inexpensive talent which may prove to be incredibly lucky. That said, this was still the same management that signed Nene to the big contract. Also, just for a reality check, Chris Andersen and JaVale McGee are now on the same team.

Nuggets-Wizards Q&A | Bullets Forever

SB Nation's Mike Prada and Denver Stiffs GM Nate Timmons break down the Wizards-Nuggets trade involving Nene Hilario and JaVale McGee. One thing is for certain; we get to see more weekly McGee now that he's in the West.

Pacers Acquire Barbosa For Practically Nothing | 8 Points, 9 Seconds

Important question - how is the churrasco in Indianapolis?

Gerald Wallace Trade Makes Seven Year Old Cry | Ball Don't Lie

I am beside myself as to how a team that looked like a legitimate contender a month into the season (and handed OKC its first home loss) deteriorated so rapidly. Apparently this little girl feels the same way.