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OKC Morning Loud Links: A Nuggets Adventure Tonight

The Thunder travel to Denver tonight to try and get rid of the bitter taste that was the collapse against the Rockets. Denver has struggled with injuries this season, but it has not prevented them from being the highest scoring team in the league. The Thunder seem to match up well against the Nuggets, so tonight's game has good potential to be highly entertaining, especially in the afterglow of their last OT masterpiece.

Thursday is Final Chance for Changes | NewsOK

Will OKC stand pat as the trading deadline approaches? Kendrick Perkins is cool with what they have:

"I feel like we're good...I just don't know what we could go get that'll make this team that much better. With the style of ball we play, it's not like we need scorers, and it's not like we need defenders. So it's kind of hard to see what piece would really fit this team. I mean, I'm comfortable with what we got."

Westbrook Needs to Start Helping Himself | Daily Thunder

Such is the chasm between the private and public persona of Russell Westbrook. I'm not a reporter so it's not like his single word answers effect me in any way like they do for Young, but all that really matters to me is how he relates to his teammates. As long as he's not creating any tension within the team, he could turn into Bro Sweets for all I care.

Book of Basketball: Celebrating Oscar Robertson | Grantland

Bill Simmons' chapter on Oscar Robertson is excerpted here in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Big O's famous triple-double season.

On Stats Alone | Hickory High

Levy posts the results of a very intriguing survey he conducted. He had posted blind stats and then asked the reader to vote on who seemed to be the best player. Removing names does have a distilling effect.

Intriguing Dwight Howard Scenarios | Sports Illustrated

Lowe tries to postulate where Dwight Howard could end up by 3PM today, but I'm guessing that he, like everybody else, is tired of this 'what if' nonsense. The way I see it, there is not a team out there who will go from good to great by adding Howard.

Ricky Rubio Can Still Make Us Smile | Ball Don't Lie

I pray that this kid never becomes too jaded by life.

Academia vs Sloan | Wages of Wins

This is an interesting podcast that discusses some of the fallout from the MIT Sloan convention and the worth it has in the marketplace for ideas.

When the Lakers Lose, Don't Blame Pau | BBall Breakdown

Of course, Pau Gasol is still the guy most likely to be traded.

Pat Riley Has a Way With Words | Ball Don't Lie

Pat Riley, like all great motivators, understands that the human psyche is most inspired by way of both a challenge to one's manhood coupled with a recognition of the human dignity that lies within it.

The John Lucas Bulls Explosion | Hardwood Paroxysm

John Lucas got revenge on LeBron James for dunking over him in a Derrick Rose-less game last night. For the record, LeBron took the final shot in this game.

D'Antoni is Gone; Let's Check in with Starbury | SB Nation