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Nick-Names: Nick Collison is Game Changer, Name Changer

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Nick Collison is back with another great blog post at GQ. In this one, he shares a little bit of inside intel about how the Thunder guys relate to each other, and more importantly, how Nick assigns nicknames to each player.

Vol. 5: Why I Take My Nickname-Creation Duties Very, Very Seriously | GQ

For your convenience, I have extracted from his post the various nicknames the Thunder players have acquired. The next time you are watching the Thunder play and wonder how you should cheer on reserve center Cole Aldrich, just start yelling, "COLE SORE!" and you will become the most knowledgeable and popular person at your Thunder-watch party.

Player Nickname(s) Reason
Cole Aldrich Cole Sore Play on words, kind of disgusting
Nick Collison Boog, Los He picked his nose once; Perk thought he'd make a good 'Los'
Daequan Cook DC Initials, DC for 3 is catchy
Kevin Durant KD, Slim Initials, Durant is skinny
James Harden Jimbo Slice Harden has the Kimbo Slice beard
Lazar Hayward Laser Tag, Zar-Zar Binks Play on unusual first name, reference to Star Wars Episode I
Serge Ibaka Serge Nobody wanted to call him "Chewy"
Royal Ivey Cheese Reference to Pulp Fiction
Reggie Jackson October, Better Basketball Reference to baseball great Reggie Jackson, appears in NBA TV instructional videos
Eric Maynor E, Sleazy-E First initial, ironic play on Maynor's total lack of sleaziness
Nazr Mohammed Naz, ODB Abbreviated, ODB because Nazr is the oldest member of the team
Kendrick Perkins Yung Hawg He gave it to himself. You got a problem with that?
Ryan Reid Piglet, Rupert Aspires to be a Yung Hawg one day, Rupert is an epic middle name
Thabo Sefolosha Selfishlosha Ironic, since Thabo is one of the more hesitant shooters on the team
Russell Westbrook Russ, Russheed Wallace Abbreviated, named after Rasheed Wallace due to his technicals
Scott Brooks Wolf That's mine.


If you want to read all of Collison's blog entries, you can find them here: