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NBA Power Rankings, Week 11: I Have the Power!

The Thunder finished a depressingly mediocre five game home stand by finishing 3-2, losing to both the Cavaliers and Rockets. More significantly though, the Thunder seem to have eased into cruise control after the All-Star break and their basketball quality is reflecting it now. Expect some slippage in their rankings this week.

From Around the League:

SB Nation 3 (3) The season's feeling of inevitability may be causing the Thunder's still necessary growth to stagnate.
ESPN - Hollinger 4 (3) OKC falls behind the 76ers, a team that has lesser talent but is playing more committed basketball now.
ESPN - Stein 3 (3) The curse of Kate Upton. - Schuhmann 3 (2) OKC offense has been the bigger issue this past week. - Aldridge 2 (2) 14 game home winning streak was ended by a team with a losing record.
Sports Illustrated 2 (2) Both recent home losses were the result of late game collapses; perplexing how two players who are so good at finishing at the rim seem hesitant to go there at the end of games.
ProBasketballTalk 3 (2) Big tests this week, as Nuggets and Spurs are on the docket.
HoopSpeak 1 (1) #1 in the West, Harper would still like to see OKC trade for Dwight Howard.
Hoopsworld 2 (2) A backup veteran PG might be helpful.
Behind the Basket 2 (2) March is a good test for the Thunder's focus. So far, they are not doing well on this test.
FoxSports 3 (3) First home loss to an Eastern Conference team.
Covers 3 (3) Thunder seem to be devoid of consistent energy.
CBS Sports 2 (2) OKC Treading water until April.
Bleacher Report 3 (2) OKC reportedly turned down Dwight Howard trade, still best in West.
Black Sports Online 3 (2) OKC still good, but hitting some bumps.
SheridanHoops 3 (3) Sheridan writes that OKC has filled more than its quota of let-down losses, and that was before the Rockets collapse.

Rankings updated when available. If you know of any rankings that we have missed, please let us know!

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