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OKC Morning Loud Links: Hangover

I can still taste the battery acid that is last night's final 2:30. Thank goodness for JaVale McGee.

Post-Game Nuggets | newsOK

Mayberry writes that he thinks the Thunder have become bored with the process. I think that is a pretty accurate statement, at least right now. If the alternate were true, then the team wouldn't be hoisting up 20+ 3-pointers per game.

Thunder Lose Stunner at Home | Daily Thunder

Young recounts a rather awkward exchange between Russell Westbrook and him in regards to Westbrook's miscues at the end of the loss.

The Myths of Shot Creation | Wages of Wins

Durant and Westbrook both are adept at 'creating' their own shot without the benefit of an assist. Here is how they stack up, and whether this is actually a good thing.

The Worst Shot in the NBA | Court Vision

Do you want to know what the worst shot is in the NBA? No, it is not the 15 footer that Kendrick Perkins just attempted.

Tracy McGrady Has a New Online Deals Site | Gizmodo

Don't scoff, this is a really savvy concept for Tracy McGrady. One of the fundamental aspects of sound investing is in building a diversified base. That way, if one goes sour (like, say, a sneaker deal), there are other revenue streams in place to weather the storm. T-Mac is nearing the end of his career, so it is pretty smart of him to be creating small revenue streams that can carry him through retirement. Given that T-Mac once bought a jet because it seemed like a good idea at the time, I'm encouraged to see him taking this route now.

Baron Davis Apologizes to T.J. Ford | Newsday

Baron Davis has had an uneven career, but one thing that has never seemed to be in question is his stature and standing amongst his peers, and this is a great recount of Davis' exchange with T.J. Ford after Davis inadvertently caused the hit that led to Ford's announced retirement.

Monta Ellis as Religious Experience | The Classical

The Bucks are about to discover new religion.

Derrick Rose: Smiling | Ball Don't Lie

Strange, I know.

Antoine Walker Shimmies in Boise | Sports Illustrated

Very good, very sobering.

Lake Michigan Admirals Sign Durant's Brother | Our Sports Central

Kevin Durant has a brother named Cliff Dixon, who previously played at Western Kentucky. The Premier Basketball League just signed Dixon to a contract.

The Christies Will be Making a Porno | SB Nation

Good news, or should I say, good newwwws, everyone. Everyone's favorite completely whipped former NBA player is getting roped into filming an adult film with his over-possessive wife, Jackie.

Your Weekly McGee | Deadspin