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Thunder vs Cavaliers Video Highlights: Thunder Sleepwalk to Loss (Game 40)

The Thunder lost to the Cavaliers last night when they waited and waited and waited for a moment that never came. In the past few games, the Thunder have relied on simply staying above water for three quarters and then use their superior talent to explode past their opponent in the 4th. The formula worked against the 76ers, Magic, and Suns, but that formula failed last night.

The loss underscores one of the great truisms of sports - any team can lose on any given night if they do not bother to play competent and assertive basketball. If you give a lesser team like the Cavs a shot at winning, you should not be surprised when they take that shot. Much credit goes to the Cavs, because they did not even play great basketball; they just played a better grind-it-out game than the Thunder did, and in the final minute of play, OKC looked literally and figuratively finished.