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OKC Morning Loud Links: A Second Night in Cali

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The Thunder are back in action tonight against the Sacramento Kings, after thankfully getting an off-night to recuperate. Hopefully the team spent their down-time mentally preparing for yet another back-to-back, but at the same time not look past tonight's game against the struggling Kings.

Thunder Rolling, Nobody Satisfied | NewsOK

"We understand that we're a good team and that we're getting better...But I don't go home and celebrate with my wife after every win." - Scott Brooks

Possibly related - Mrs. Brooks would like to go out to a reasonably priced dinner if the Thunder beat the Jazz next Tuesday.

Perkins Called Out LeBron...So What? | Daily Thunder

There is nothing more righteously dumb in the NBA than manufactured controversies.

Chris Paul - Killer at Heart | ESPN

Here is a great look at the place Chris Paul has in the game and how highly he is esteemed by his peers. Off the court he's everybody's big brother, but on the court he's as nasty as they come. I love both facets.

The MVP Race: The King and I | Wages of Wins

Wins produced is a funny thing. Yes, we know that LeBron James is #1. Do you know who #2 is? Tyson Chandler. You know who is ranked highest on OKC's team? It isn't Kevin Durant.

Ron Burgundy Announces Starting Lineups | CBS Sports

Ronny Brewer, hot dog eater.

In Appreciation of Tony Parker | SB Nation

It is good to see that OKC isn't the only team that Tony Parker is ripping up these days.

Bill Simmons' Larry Bird Interview | BS Report

Bill Simmons finally sat down with his sports idol, Larry Bird. It is well worth a listen.

Underappreciated Second Units | Behind the Basket

A year ago the Thunder 2nd unit would have made this list, but the loss of Eric Maynor set the team back a bit. However, I think they are really starting to come together now. The 2nd unit really shone in the last game, when the Thunder bench guys helped turn a six point deficit into a halftime lead.

Jeremy Lin Sleeps on His Brother's Couch | Ball Don't Lie

Lin-sanity, or whatever you want to call it, is sweeping the nation. I think one of the reasons why is that, unlike a sport like football, talent is not supposed to fall through the cracks in the NBA, so it is both amazing and refreshing when a player whom nobody thought was worth while a year ago is suddenly the toast of the biggest basketball city in the world.

LeBron James Spilled the Milk | SB Nation

To his credit, LeBron James kept it light. I can't wait to see his team play the Thunder.

Lakers Open to Looking at Gilbert Arenas | CBS Sports

Agent Zero needs to play on the same team as Kobe Bryant and Metta World Peace.