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NBA Rankings, Week 6: I Have the Power!

The Thunder had a rough week last week, playing inconsistently and getting thoroughly outplayed on the road both in Los Angeles as well as San Antonio. They have rebounded this week with two wins in highly competitive games that tested both their resolve and their skill. The OKC road trip continues.

From Around the League:

SB Nation 3 (1) Thunder might not be best overall, but they're clearly the best in the West.
ESPN - Hollinger 3 (3) Thunder 3rd in offensive efficiency, but middle of the pack in defense (15).
ESPN - Stein 7 (5) Thunder fall a few spots again. That's an awful lot of Eastern Conference teams ahead of OKC; has the balance of power shifted? 3 (2) OKC's perimeter defense is failing them right now.
Sports Illustrated 3 (3) The Thunder's offensive output efficiency when James Harden enters the game is remarkable.
ProBasketballTalk 4 (1) Bad perimeter D is giving other teams hope when they play the Thunder.
HoopSpeak 3 (3) Best in the West, or best by default? I think Harper's being a bit harsh on Scott Brooks' play calling though; there have been improvements, particularly at the end of games.
Hoopsworld 1 (2) OKC has received criticism for its relatively soft schedule, but keep in mind that they've played more games on the road than at home.
Behind the Basket 4 (2) Good, but not so great after last week's struggles.
FoxSports 3 (3) Is James Harden an All-Star too?
Covers 2 (2) Thunder squeaking by on some games where they should be winning more handily.
CBS Sports 3 (3) In fact, I have seen "Adventures of Baron Munchausen." It isn't often that you get Oliver Reed, Uma Thurman, Vincent Pryce, and Eric Idle all on the same screen together.
Bleacher Report 1 (1) Thunder stay in the top spot despite two losses last week.

Rankings updated when available. If you know of any rankings that we have missed, please let us know!